Your opinion is wanted – really I mean it.


Spurred on by Myndi Shafer’s post on log lines I have decided to beg, plead, and give puppy eyes to get you’re most valuable and knowledgeable opinion.

I have three blurbs for you to vote on- you can even tweak them or create a new one if you feel that inspired. People I like and respect have all chosen one of these three as their favorites- of course they didn’t pick the same blurb, that would make my life too easy!
So please help out a new freaking out author and vote!

1-Sara had given up on the group home fairy tale of being rescued from the system by family. All she wanted was a quiet simple life. On the morning of her fourteenth birthday that dream shattered.
Scrubbing and praying don’t undo the unwelcome changes to her life, and fate isn’t done with her yet. Feeling other people’s emotions is overwhelming and disturbing, worse is catching on fire.
Family she never knew she had, is now invading her life. They call it a gift, but gifts don’t come with evil maniacs wanting to drain your power and your life.

2- Sara‘s dreams didn’t involve finding family, changing her name, discovering magical creatures are real, or catching on fire.
Orphaned at five Sara had given up on the dream of a family. At fourteen an ancient family inheritance, a gift, or curse changed her appearance, and her life. With new supernatural powers she is welcomed into the family of the Phoenix.
Sara must decide if she will hide or embrace being a Child of Fire and accept a dangerous destiny as a descendant of an ancient Phoenix King and Queen and the enemy of the evil that stalked and killed her parents.

3-Sara had dreams for her life and they didn’t involve finding family, changing her name, discovering fairy tale creatures are real, or catching on fire.
The most exciting thing Sara had planned for winter break was starting circus camp. Fate had other ideas. Orphaned at five, Sara didn’t know if her family always woke up on their fourteenth birthday to find their life and appearance changed.
With a dangerous destiny laid before her Sara must decide if she will hide from all that is being offered her, or will embrace being a Child of Fire.

Also I have decided I’m ready or crazy enough and want to add some interviews of my fellow authors to my blog posts. I’m thinking about doing 2-3 a month. So if you’re interested just let me know. You can email me at or just leave a note in the comments. I’ll wait a week before posting this on facebook and twitter as I’d like to support all of you lovely people who support me.
Thanks, Alica

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  1. First of all, very cool, Alica! I hope you don’t cringe at the comparison, but it reminds me a little of a girl-type Harry Potter. I totally want to read it!

    I like the second blurb best – just for funsies, I played with it a little:

    Sara’s dreams didn’t involve finding a family, changing her name, discovering magical creatures are real – or catching on fire. But on her fourteenth birthday an ancient family inheritance – a gift, or a curse – changed her appearance, and her life. With new supernatural powers she is welcomed into the family of the Phoenix – descendants of an ancient Phoenix King and Queen. Now, Sara must decide if she will hide or embrace being a child of fire and accept the dangerous destiny as the enemy of the evil that killed her parents.

    I’m so totally new at this, so take my blurb with about a thousand grains of salt. 🙂 I think you’re doing great!!

    Have a happy Monday, girlie!

  2. Hands down, #2 would get me to read this book. It shows your character, it shows antagonists and it shows a major choice … in or out … with big time stakes. 🙂

  3. Ok – I like 2 but think it’s giving away a tad too much. I like 3 because it’s got a little mystery there but it may need a smidge more of a hook to draw you.

    So, either 2 with a little less reveal or 3 with a little extra hook.

    Clear as mud? Hope it helps some!

    Kim Griffin

  4. Hi Alicia. Popping over from Wana112.

    # 1 felt a little cluttered to me.

    #2 felt most focused, most specific. Sara’s wants, her internal and external conflicts are defined.

    #3 is similar to #2, but #2 felt stronger.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Hi Alica! I played with #2 also 😀 The thing to remember about all summaries of your story (e.g.: pitches, blurbs, synopses, etc.) is that you want to the deliver concept, character and structure of your story in a package that will ELICIT EMOTION in order to get the reader, agent, or publisher to crack the book open and read on. The emotion should be the same one you emphasize in the actual story. From your blurb I get that there’s a mystery and a cool supernatural/paranormal element, but you hide our reason to sympathize and care about Sara (she’s an orphan) till the very end. I think you should lead with her undeserved misfortune and then give her a true choice at the end of the blurb.

    Orphan Sara (Last Name) has dreams of [what ARE her dreams? you say what they are NOT but I think you should tell us her own goal for herself to contrast with what actually happens and to help us identify with her as a “regular girl”]. Destiny, however, has a different path in mind through an ancient family inheritance that changes Sara’s appearance and her life on her fourteenth birthday–a gift, or a curse? Sara must embrace a new name and a new family, as she discovers that magical creatures and catching on fire are everyday occurances. The family of the Phoenix–decendents of an ancient Phoenix King and Queen–welcome her into their ranks. But even as she struggles with the elements as a child of fire, a old evil lurks, and Sara must decide whether to confront her destiny and avenge her parents’ deaths, or to remain in safe hiding from her darkest memories.

    Or something like that! Sounds like a great YA story. 🙂 Feel free to email me if you want to ask questions…Feels like a Monday to me too, Myndi. 😀

    • Kecia- thank you so much for the help! Crafting a blurb is harder then writing the book! LOL! I like how you’ve re-organized. Several people have tweaked #2 for me I’m going to have to play around with it a bit more. And I just might email you later 🙂

  6. I’m for #2. It’s the most coherent. It tells you what the book is about, while also building tension. It would make me open the book to read more. Sounds good!

    Also – would love to guest post on your blog. I’ve got a big promotion push coming up since my book is about the builder of the Titanic, and April is the hundredth anniversary of the sinking.

  7. Well, what’s one more vote for #2 at this point? LOL I like #2 but I think you could tweak it just a little bit, Tighten it up. It sounds really interesting Alica. I would definitely put it on my list!

  8. #2 definitely does it for me. I do note that it is missing a small word or two that my eyes had to do a “work around” and insert. So, just re-read it and put them in before you finalize it.

  9. Number 2 with some of the drama from number one. I would start with the second sentence. I’ll send you my version off line.

  10. I liked the empathy #1 gave me, but it had too much extra info – group home dream, scrubbing, etc. #3 is a bit the same (circus camp?) but didn’t grab me. My choice is a tweaked #2, but especially the rewrite that Kecia gave it. Good luck!

  11. Definitely #2. 🙂 If you’re working on the blurbs, you must be getting ready to present this baby, right?…. 😀

    I’d love to do an interview on your blog! They always look like so much fun.

    • Thanks Angela! Yes, I am close I’m hoping by the end of Feb- at least it look like I can do it by then to me, but we’ll see I’ve never self-pubbed before.
      I’d love to interview you- I’ll send you an email.

  12. Okay, #1 confused me! #2 helped straighten me out, but I think #3 created the most intrigue — just mysterious enough to make me want to read more without leaving me completely baffled.

    And — if you’d like, I’ll do an author interview for you. 🙂

  13. In #1 the first sentence gives me a strong feel for where your character is at emotionally at the beginning of the story. However, I find the second paragraph very confusing and the remaining information too vague.

    Regarding # 2, Kecia’s given you great advice. There’s nothing I can add to that. Following her template to revise #2, you’ll end up with a strong blurb that will appeal to readers.

    In number three the second sentence is specific enough but I think the idea of a circus camp detracts from what you are trying to establish about your novel. Circus camp sound fun and exciting, the opposite of the scary ideas of changes in appearance, catching on fire, etc. If the circus camp is important, use it, but use it to strengthen the mood and theme of your story.

  14. I like #2, but I love to tinker with blurbs. Here’s my two cents worth, keeping in mind that I probably should, you know, maybe read the book first:

    Teenage years are embarrassing enough without combining acne and a disturbing tendency to burst into flame. Orphaned at five, there’s no advisor to guide young Sara when her magical inheritance spectacularly reveals itself. Then, people calling themselves the Phoenix show up, claiming to be the family she never had. Meanwhile, ancient enemies also search for the newest Child of Fire, with deadly intent. Will Sara be strong enough to survive her dangerous destiny and embrace the Fire?

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