Yoga Piph- Clutter Keeps my Knees and my Forehead Apart.


During yoga I had a piph today, not a full blown epiphany, just a small flash of insight into my life: a piph. As I was attempting to put my left foot by my right hip, cross my right leg over my left, then hug my knee and turn twisting to the left I had to stop. I couldn’t go further, not because I wasn’t flexible enough, but because my stomach got in the way.

At this time I am not a small woman, I weight about 60lbs more then is healthy, but as you can see I am working on it. Anyway, I find that frequently in yoga as I relax and allow gravity to take me deeper into a pose both gravity and I are thwarted buy the extra weight I carry around.
This got me to thinking, what other weight, clutter, debris, is floating around my life stopping me from moving forward as far as I can?

If I took the time to clean off my desk could I get more work done?
When I am faced with the wily temptress know as wheat (which I’m allergic to), if I backed away slowly, showing no fear would I be able to write better? Well, considering I wouldn’t have a migraine the next day. the answer should be “yes.”

It’s these little things in our lives: the mail that needs to be taken care of, the groceries, the chores to do, the things that pile up because they aren’t important and we put off and put off to do the things we love. And yet they are always there, in the back of our minds, cluttering our kitchen counter, hanging around our waist making it difficult to button our jeans. These constant little disturbances take away from us our ability to reach our full potential.

So, what to do? Well for me I have a list. I write down what I need to do, and when I think of something I’ve forgotten to take care of, as I stare off into space trying to decide what my characters will be eating, I write it down so it no longer clutters my brain.

When I need a break, I do a couple of the items on my list. And yes some of these are big, some might even take a good chunk of my day; but once they are done ,the clutter leaves, and I can go further.
I look forward to the day I am no longer stopped in yoga by the size of my body. Maybe I’ll even be able to touch my forehead to my knee!

What clutter stops you from going forward in your life? Any coping skills you would like to share?

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  1. good question. i think maybe for me it is all the stuff i “SHOULD” be doing, the stuff i am doing doesn’t seem important enough and i get weighed down and scattered because of all the “SHOULDS”. blecky shoulds!

  2. Alicia, I love the term “piph.” That’s the first time I’ve heard it. Fun!

    I received an osteoporosis diagnosis a month ago. I’m only 52, so this was a bit of a shocker. I had to clear out some mental clutter involving my aversion to the e-word. I used to detest, denounce, and avoid exercise. However, when my doctor delivered the news, I made a conscious decision to jettison the junky thinking that had kept me from getting off my backside and venturing outside.

    I’m now going to Curves 3x a week and walking the other days. I’ve not missed a day since November 2, which is unheard of for me. I usually bail at the first opportunity. What’s made this time different is that I changed my mindset before I changed my activity–or rather inactivity. I told myself this wasn’t a have-to or a should-do. This was a wanna-do, a gonna-do. Not only am I working out regularly now. I’m having more fun than I would have thought possible and am feeling more alive and energetic than I have in ages.

  3. Love the word “piph”! That is definitely going to enter my regular vocabulary. I always say my house is clean, but cluttered. Flat surfaces attract piles of paperwork and to-do’s. Laundry forms in mini-mountains around the house. Children’s toys take tours and detours through each room. And yes, although small overall, I have a muffin top that I cautiously hide beneath untucked shirts. Clearly, I need to adopt a work-out and clear-out plan for the clutter in my life. You have me more motivated now. Great ideas, Alica!

  4. The clutter that gets in my way is usually just household chores that can’t be put off. If I could I’d just write and write, just like you and every other author, but I have a family and they need me and I really don’t mind doing what needs to be done. It’s my way, also, of getting away from the writing and thinking about something else.

  5. Life is the clutter that stands in my way everyday and keeps me from writing for as long as I would like. Bills, grocery store, pick up kids from school, coaching their sports teams, etc. Sometimes I wonder how much I could write if I just went off somewhere for one week by myself.

  6. I would go insane (and forget a ton of stuff) without my lists! helps me soooo much – if I think of something when out, I add it using my smartphone.

    I can relate on the body clutter, too. Never could stick with exercise until I found I could read on the treadmill. Now workouts are fun, not a chore!

  7. I love your new word! Something about yoga makes “piphs” happen. I get them too, usually with pigeon pose!

    What gets me is mail clutter. Piles of mail that need to be dealt with one way or another. One of the best pieces of advice I got about mail clutter was “never touch the same piece of mail more than once.” I need to heed that advice.

    With bigger things that need to be taken care of I sometimes email myself, especially if I can’t get to it right away or it’s late and I’m too tired. I email myself a reminder and then take care of it in the morning.

    • I should do that- never touch a piece of mail more the once- great advice, not only do I shift it around I forget about it- not good.
      I’m glad you like my word- I could find one out there that explained small epiphanies so I had to make my own.

  8. I go through my mail as soon as I get it and file, address or trash all of it so it doesn’t pile up. I recently read a study that showed that scheduling time to worry, such as 15 minutes per day, helps boost emotional health. Since emotional wellness is pretty important for moving forward in life, I’m thinking of trying it next time I feel stressed.

    Insightful post, Alica! Looking inward allows for those epiphs (Ha, love it!)…which we need in order to grow.

    • August I hadn’t heard about taking 15 min to worry before- how interesting, I’ll have to try it. With my list ready so i can write stuff down!
      Hopefully there will be more piphs- I’ve been to sick to go to the gym, and the only piphs I’ve had are that I’m really whiny when I get sick.

  9. First of all, kudos to you for your efforts with the battle of the bulge. We’re in the fight with you, Alica.

    My life clutter involves too many demands and not enough time, which leads to my rushing from one activity to the next without cleaning up as I go. That’s how I cook, too. I make a huge mess and then clean only when the meal is finally in the oven or on the stove. I’d like to change that about myself. I’m having a difficult time focusing and finding things when there’s so much “stuff” around.

    Hmm. Where to start? I think I’ll tackle my TBR pile first. 🙂

    • I think starting with your TBR pile is perfect.
      Time is a killer in one day you can suddenly have a huge list of stuff to do. And yes as you try and do stuff clutter follows- my room is a pit of clutter right now as I get ready for the holiday’s
      Thanks Jolyse!

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