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Norweigian Ninja


Norwegian Ninja is an odd movie, and has shown me that not everything coming from Norway is good. It’s supposed to be a campy spoof, I think, but they just didn’t take it far enough to make it really funny. I knew it was going to be a bad movie; my hope was it would be bad enough that it would start being good again. For me it just didn’t make it that far.

There were some funny moments, and some might enjoy it. I won’t watch it again, and unless I know some one is just crazy for any and all bad martial arts movies, then I probably won’t recommend it.

Accepting Sensativity


I am a sensitive person. I don’t mean this in a – I need thousand thread count sheets and my food served at exactly eighty-seven degrees because I’m very delicate and sensitive. I mean I’m a very emotional person, which can make life difficult.

There are books I’d love to read yet I’m afraid to because of how sad or angry I’ll become.

In my job I have kids come and go from my care. Some I’m happy to send on their way, just so long as they go. There are others who are being placed somewhere good, a well arranged foster placement, with healthy family, or sometimes adoptive parents. Then there are those kids who, through issues with the system, are going somewhere that breaks my heart. I will try to avoid venting about that here.

I have co-workers who are able to detach. They care for the kids, have fun with them, and love on them and don’t cry and become depressed when they leave.

I tried to be detached. I just wound up bitchy and resentful, not a fun place for anyone. So I’m trying to open my heart, accept that I’m an emotional person, and I’ll cry when some of them leave, feel betrayed by the system, get depressed, and wallow in self pity. I’m sure all of you will get to read about it here.

I’m not emotionally stable, but I’m not broken, there’s nothing to fix. And maybe someday I’ll learn a few more coping skills or at least make sure I always have a full supply of fine quality chocolates and funny comedy romance novels to get me through the rough times.

Surfing Life, crap it’s another wave!


I used to think that achieve balance was like walking a tightrope. I did everything I could to get all my ducks in a row. I made charts, lists, graphs, and so many schedules I could have ran the entire world, if the world worked that way, unfortunately it doesn’t.

No matter how much effort it put in or how many different colors I use in my schedules, there is nothing I could do to make my world be static enough to find and achieve balance.

Balance requires flexibility, strength, humor, and Matrix like reflexes.

My husband’s new favorite quote is “The wave is coming: are you going to let it pound you or are you going to surf?”

I am trying to figure out how to surf. I’m not gifted with this level of flexibility. Have I mentioned I like all my ducks in a row? But I am getting better at this. One thing I do is avoid over planning. Instead of a schedule I have a list of what I need, want, and hope to get done. This creates a basic form, a surf board, to help me guide myself and family through each day. I breathe and take things as they come as best as I can.

While I am better about letting stuff go, those things I’m still holding onto, those few ducks I have super glued in place, when those are messed with, when my attempts at balance don’t work, well then you get pouting, bitchiness, and another moment of anti-Zen.

Today however I’m surfing and in my mind I look very graceful and hot too!

And for today music I have Seth Lakeman “White Hare” I don’t think I’ve posted this song yet. I adore him and if I lived in England I would so be a groupie.

RPG in Iceland


Astropia is a fun quirky movie from Iceland. I can’t remember seeing a movie from Iceland before, and I’m very happy with my first choice.

As Hildur finds her way after her boyfriend is put in jail, she slides between reality and fantasy. But not creepy fantasy, RPG fantasy. If you enjoy role-playing games, or know some one who does, or know just a little bit about them, then this is a movie you’ll enjoy. It’s sweet, funny, and like all good stories has a happy ending.

There isn’t much to say about Astropia, because I don;t want to give anything away. I liked it a lot, it was fun way to spend my afternoon.

Don’t make me use my superpower!


I have a superpower. I can control minds. Take a moment to be impressed, I’ll wait . . . Okay, so I can’t control the mind of someone specific, but every time I nap, someone calls me. EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN’ TIME.

There I’ll be: lying down, drifting off, a dream softly forming. Me on a beach with a young, dark-skinned man kneeling by my chair asking if there is anything he could do to make me happy, and the phone rings.

I won’t be able to get that dream back. Yes, there will be others, but that one had started out so nicely, and now I have to decide if I’m going to answer the phone.

If it’s the house phone I’ll let the machine get it – yes I still have an answering machine – so I can screen calls. (Don’t worry, I would never do that to any of you.)

I can check the caller ID on my cell phone then decide, but since I use my cell for work and the kids emergency cards 90% of the time I have to pick it up. I’m always polite. Oh, no, I wasn’t doing anything, yada, yada, yada, but in my mind I can still see the sexy man on the beach you stole from me.

So what I need to do is figure out how to harness this super power. How does one utilize being able to make people call just as they fall asleep? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll be working on it so if any of you feel the need to call me, please just go with it. 🙂

Passive Aggressive Gifts.


Do you ever feel like the gifts you’re given are more of a passive aggressive snub then a present? Of course there’s the fattening rich food when everyone knows you’re dieting. The heavily perfumed soaps and lotions with a note, “So you’ll smell sweet all the time.” What does that mean? you think, as you sniff yourself. Or the gift certificate to “their” stylist when you’ve never shown any interest in their hair, at all, ever.

All of these are true passive aggressive snubs, but it is gifts to children that the real passive aggression can come through.

Messy gifts. Your three year old was just given a huge set of paints. Is this someone trying to encourage their creative side of your child or do they want to ruin your carpet?

Toys with small pieces. Your slightly OCD boy has been given a toy with lots of small pieces, many of them clear. You know have to check every dust pan and vacuum bag for missing pieces. Is the giver hoping to drive you insane?

Toys that make noise. I shudder even thinking about these. Now there are two levels: ones with batteries and ones that the child can make noise on continuously. The fire truck with real sirens that screech any times it’s moved, day or night. My eye is twitching just thinking about it. But batteries can be removed. Don’t let the giver win! Take those damn things out and just keep “forgetting” to buy more, never keep a stash of batteries at home, ever. After a bit, if you’re lucky, the child will forget it made sounds and just enjoy the toy. Then you win and the giver loses! Yes!

But what about the toys that make noise without a battery? The rattles, drums, rain sticks, and recorders? What then? Well it depends on the age of your child. Given to a child under six those, are weapons designed to drive a parent over the edge. What exactly did you do to the givers to make them hate you so much? An older child can be taught to play with those outside or in their rooms.

You can tell when the giver really loves you and is trying to encourage your child’s musical side. My parents gave my daughter a key board for Christmas a few years ago and sent headphones along that plug into it so we never have to hear the hours of practicing. This is how I know my parents love me.

So, as you buy gifts this year stop and think what message are you sending? Have you ever received a passive aggressive gift? Have you ever given a passive aggressive gift? Are you one who hunts for the nosiest child’s toy to give to that “special someone”?

For today’s song I give you Loreena Mckennitt – The Holly and The Ivy

3 Idiots


3 Idiots was recommended to me by another Bollywood fan. This is a hysterical movie. Two friends go on a journey to find a third friend from college. The majority of the movie is done in flash backs of their college days. Two of the friends are straitlaced, trying hard to please their parents by being successful. The other loves learning for itself and looks at life in a totally different way.

This is not a Bollywood one watches for the singing and dancing. It’s there a little bit, but the friendship and story is what this movie is about. The acting is great and the story kept me entertained and laughing (and at one point crying) for the full two hours.

I couldn’t find a trailer with subtitles, but this one is fun and has a bit of English in it.

Please work for Star Peace


I’m sorry but the holiday’s have won- I’m behind in reading blogs, tweets, and FB- I’m behind in posting, but I have knitted a bunch, made three batches of caramels, and spent way too much money on gifts- one of them is for ME!

Anyway I wanted to give all of you something fun to watch or hear, but what? Then I saw George Takei’s post for Star Peace and I knew I had to share it will all of you.

If you’re not following George Takei you need to he’s wonderfully funny.

Also- just a reminder of what vampire should look like

Dracula 2000- awesome movie

The Hunger

David Bowie- sighs

Eddie Murphy

Queen of the Damned

Blood Ties

Forever Night

Jerry Ryan

Love at First Bite

Aliens in London


Attack the Block

This film is what I mean when I talk about adding diversity without making it the focal point in your work.

Attack the Block takes place in a London slum run by a drug gang. The main characters are black teenagers whose best option is getting in good with that gang leader. All of this just is the setting and characters. Yes, there is growth. Yes, you find out about life in this neighborhood. The plot: aliens have landed and are attacking their neighbor hood. These thugs take up arms to defend their block.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that takes place in a bad neighborhood with gang members , yet doesn’t have fighting them or breaking free be the main plot. I loved it.

It wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. Mostly dark humor, but I still enjoyed it. The kids in this movie are great. I look forward to seeing them in a lot more. And the aliens are wonderful; they are so dark and their movements are perfect. Very creepy.

This is not a movie for young children. There is violence, drug use, and a ton of cussing!

Yoga Piph- Clutter Keeps my Knees and my Forehead Apart.


During yoga I had a piph today, not a full blown epiphany, just a small flash of insight into my life: a piph. As I was attempting to put my left foot by my right hip, cross my right leg over my left, then hug my knee and turn twisting to the left I had to stop. I couldn’t go further, not because I wasn’t flexible enough, but because my stomach got in the way.

At this time I am not a small woman, I weight about 60lbs more then is healthy, but as you can see I am working on it. Anyway, I find that frequently in yoga as I relax and allow gravity to take me deeper into a pose both gravity and I are thwarted buy the extra weight I carry around.
This got me to thinking, what other weight, clutter, debris, is floating around my life stopping me from moving forward as far as I can?

If I took the time to clean off my desk could I get more work done?
When I am faced with the wily temptress know as wheat (which I’m allergic to), if I backed away slowly, showing no fear would I be able to write better? Well, considering I wouldn’t have a migraine the next day. the answer should be “yes.”

It’s these little things in our lives: the mail that needs to be taken care of, the groceries, the chores to do, the things that pile up because they aren’t important and we put off and put off to do the things we love. And yet they are always there, in the back of our minds, cluttering our kitchen counter, hanging around our waist making it difficult to button our jeans. These constant little disturbances take away from us our ability to reach our full potential.

So, what to do? Well for me I have a list. I write down what I need to do, and when I think of something I’ve forgotten to take care of, as I stare off into space trying to decide what my characters will be eating, I write it down so it no longer clutters my brain.

When I need a break, I do a couple of the items on my list. And yes some of these are big, some might even take a good chunk of my day; but once they are done ,the clutter leaves, and I can go further.
I look forward to the day I am no longer stopped in yoga by the size of my body. Maybe I’ll even be able to touch my forehead to my knee!

What clutter stops you from going forward in your life? Any coping skills you would like to share?