Foreign Film Friday- Amalie



Amelie was my first French movie, and I feel in love with Audrey Tautou as an actress. Charming is a perfect description. This movie is so sweet and we see such a lovely growth arch in the characters. It’s also quirky and fun. This is a movie that has made my ‘watch over and over’ list.

And the garden gnome traveling the world- they stole that from this movie. Because this has subtitles I would recommend this for teens, so they can read fast enough to keep up. It is rated R and can’t remember all the reasons, but I know one of the characters works in a sex shop, so again how much you want to explain is up to you. Hey it might be a good teaching moment. LOL!

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  1. Oh, this is one of my favorite movies! Audrey Tatou is so cute and charming and whimsical, and that soundtrack is absolutely amazing. I love listening to it while I write — definitely good for sparking my inspiration.

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