Create Diversity Tip Seven: We are all people.


Create Diversity Tip Seven: We are all people.

As you read books, watch movies, and research, you will realize we are all people. We want to be happy and safe. What creates happiness and safety is different for everyone. Some people want to travel, a family, riches, intelligence, to be left alone, or to be famous. Dreams differ from person to person, not culture to culture.

You don’t have to challenge social norms. Your character could simply be gay and a marine sniper, and that could be the end of it. Or you could use your book as a platform to discuss and challenge people’s beliefs.

As you write your characters, know what motivates them and why. This is what creates dynamic characters, not the adjectives you use to describe them.

We all have fears, hopes, dreams, and goals. We all feel pressured and inadequate. This is who your character is, not their skin color or the gender of the ass they’re checking out.

Create dynamic diverse people, not one-dimensional token minorities.

Today’s Music Monday is Loreena Mckennitt’s The Mummers dance. You’ve most likely heard at least one of her songs in a movie,but if not, here’s one of my favorites:

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  1. This is excellent advice. Too often characters are little more than archetypes. The tough marine who is stoic, and insensitive, the flamboyant gay, etc. Real people aren’t like that. I use Myers-Briggs to put together personality characteristics that make characters real, but even then I mix and match.

    My current main characters are females, who find themselves in love. One is tough, a female Clint Eastwood during conflicts – The Outlaw Ms. Josie Wales, so to speak. But she’s also very feminine, often ending up in a fight while dressed as a model. Her partner abhors make-up, doesn’t know eye shadow from mascara, but is nurturing, sensitive, sweet.

    Real people don’t follow molds, but that’s what makes them interesting.

    • They sound like great characters- currently there seems to be a rut of strong bitches or bland arm candy out there, glad to see people other then me are tired of this!
      I’m always amazing at what people know and can do. I have a friend whose a fashion queen and very into everything Disney and is an excellent shot! Who Knew. Creating interesting characters gives us someone to relate to and offers surprises in what we’re reading.

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