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Wise, Witty, and Wacky Wednesday


Photo by Jersyko

Photo by Jersyko

Ignorance is bliss. Most people laugh when they say this. “Like ha ha ha if only I didn’t know how many rat droppings were in hot dogs it wouldn’t be so difficult to eat them. I guess ignorance really is bliss. Ha ha ha.”
It is also the truth. Being a home schooling mom and a writer has ruined many things for me. An example, pirates and historical romance in general. My son wanted to learn about pirates and castles when he was six. I was all excited. I love pirates and castles! So off to the library we went and gathered up a bunch of books full of pictures of life on a man of war ship (they didn’t have pirates specifically) and castles. There were cross sections, descriptions of their daily life, what they ate, and how they died.
As I read the books to my son my romantic notions of pirates, princes, knights in shining armor, and the buff stable boy all vanished never to be seen again. There was a distinct lack of personal hygiene that I require for romantic sexiness. No going back in time for me! I like toothpaste, toilet paper, and hot running water.
I have found the same issue in become a writer (yes the lack of personal hygiene has decreased the sex appeal of writers for me). But also knowing how to put together a good story has taken a lot of the enjoyment out of movies, TV, and books less- and my ranting effects my husband’s enjoyment of too.
I find that I am frequently critiquing instead of just enjoying. I rant about books that jump into ‘teen fantasy realm’ and the author didn’t take the time to make it real. I moan when a characters growth from last season is ignored in the next season, or behavior that doesn’t fit with what the writers have already created. But I won’t bore you with my mad ravings, I keep that for my hubby and close friends who happen to call me at the wrong time.
The upside of this means when I find something I really like I rave about it. It also means I’m hideously insecure in my own work because what if there is some gaping hole that I and all the people I have forced to critique my novel have missed?? ACK!

Do you find yourself wishing for a time before you knew better? Is ignorance really bliss?