Wise, Witty, and Wacky Wednesday


As of last night I didn’t have any idea of what I was going to post, and then Lesann a new friend from the Write Campaign posted a video of a flash mob. I love flash mobs,for a moment people are smiling and happy, people are connected and in person!
I think I read too much into flash mobs- but as a writer I probably read too much into just about everything! I see potential futures, and a hundred reason why something came about in the first place, and frequently this causes trouble- although I have learned to keep most of the crazy in my head or on paper.
Back to flash mobs- to me they are hope. They represent the idea that we can get along, that we can do good things just for the sake of doing them, and that maybe our future isn’t so bleak after all.
When you see how infectious flash mobs are- from the smiling faces in the crowd watching, to the videos going viral, to people from all over the world creating their own- to me it shows that if enough people care and understand what to do we can make amazing changes.

Have you ever been a part of a flash mob? Would you join one? Do you have a great idea for a flash mob?

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  1. I would LOVE to be a part of a flashmob. And as goofy as it sounds, this video brought tears to my eyes. I think it’s because people in general don’t expect “happy” things from others. Everyone walks around all morose and into themselves and when they see other people interacting for all to see they can’t believe it and that makes me sad. There was a video clip on FB yesterday in which someone set up a podium and a mike with a sign that said, “say something positive” in New York, and random people would walk by, put their face to the mike, and say, “have a good day”, or “I love you all” and it was SO cool.

  2. I have no sense of rhythm so being part of something like this would be hard, but I never tire of watching flash mobs vids. I must have seen this one a dozen times – and yet i clicked the play button again 😛 Thanks for posting it!

  3. This was wonderful! I hadn’t seen this one and like Patricia I always get weepy when I see a bunch of strangers having such good fun together. I’m glad my tweet sparked an idea. Proof that #writecampaign is already at work! I always think if we could just get all the people in the world to dance together, we’d have a lot more fun and a few less troubles. Or…we might make the planet wobble but that would be fun too. Fun video!

  4. I love flash mobs too. A few weeks ago, about 6000 teachers were gathering in a big arena, and some collegues and I were like, “Duh! We should’ve done a flash mob for this!” It would’ve been epic.

  5. Thanks for posting this video! I have seen it several times, but it still makes me tear up! I love the very end where all the performers just pick up thier bags and leave… and the older man who looks a little terrified midway through the song… I’m a Campainger from you paranormal group, by the way! Can’t wait to see what else you add to the blog!

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