Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign


I’ve decided to join the Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign. There are hundreds of fellow authors joining up and you follow who you want so you can control how much you take on! I’m very excited about being able to expand my platform, meet fellow authors, and make new friends. Come check it out, I hope to see you there.

either my computer or wordpress is acting up- I can’t make links happen today and I can’t get my picture changed grrr. Oh well of to sign up!!

About alicamckennajohnson

Alica McKenna Johnson writes about snarky girls, kind boys, and the adults trying to keep them alive. After day dreaming for the first thirty years of life, Alica finally began writing her stories down, much to the delight of her readers. As Alica sits in her armchair at home dreaming of traveling the world, her diverse characters explore for her listening to music, seeing the sights, and eating exotic foods.

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  1. Hello Im from the paranormal group in the campaign!
    I think your blog has a great title and is so clean and I like your writing being so concise and free flowing, I havent really mastered that yet!

    • Thank you so much and it’s great to meet you! I took a class from Kristin Lamb- it’s the only reason my blog is any good at all LOL! She has a blog and a book We Are Not Alone social networking for writers. She’s hysterical you should check her out.

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