Foreign Flim Friday


For the tenth movie I’ve chosen Waking Ned Devine. It is an adorable film about a group of friends who find out the man who won the lottery died from the shock of it, so they set out to pretend he’s still alive. The whole village is in on it, as the money will be split between them all. It is so cute, and had me cracking up. It’s PG so fine for the whole family- younger kids might lose interest.

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  1. I think watching foreigh films makes us better citizens of the world, also.

    I have heard of this movie but never realized it was a “foreign film.” I’ll definately check it out. Too bad we don’t have a Blockbuster on the corner I can run to and rent, and I doubt the red box offers it, but I’ll see if maybe the library can hook me up (we’re not into the netflicks thing yet…but this is a testimony as to why we should be!)

    Thanks for the recomendation!

    • I agree- not only do I find other places and people more interesting I feel safer writing about them.
      Blockbuster would have Waking Ned Devine- but it won’t have a lot of the others- I didn’t find their foreign film selection all that great- Netflix does have a huge selection. I hope you enjoy it- let me know 🙂

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