Foreign Film Friday


Dead Snow is my ninth review for Foreign Film Friday. Dead Snow is a horror movie from Norway, there is an isolated ski cabin, college students not expected back till the end of spring break, buried treasure, and Nazi Zombies- oh yes, Nazi Zombies. It has a slow build up- which was fun because you keep scooting to the edge of your seat thinking this is it, the Zombies are coming now, and then they don’t. It’s a fun movie- with some really gross parts- um hello college students. The Zombies are fast and intelligent. I also think the is the first spring break movie I’ve watched were there weren’t any bikinis.

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  1. WAY cool trailer! I loved it. Where the HECK do you find these fantastic films? I loved it when the guy was opening the box filled with gold coins. I was actually tilting my head forward to look into it – AS IF! I want to see it! And the scenery was gorgeous.

    • I am so lucky to have a great indie theater and video sotre within walking distance- trust me not all the ones I pick are good. Just sharing the fun ones with you guys. It’s was an enjoyable movie.
      Thanks Patti!

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