Wise, Witty, and Wacky Wednesday


It’s been a while since we have gotten wisdom from the Old Spice Guy- so I sacrificed- well I’m not saying how long I spent watching videos- but the end result is this.

I frequently feel as if I have no free time- unfortunately mine time is full of dishes, paper work, watching kids, and editing. What are you busy doing? Anything as cool as turning a cell phone into a machine gun?

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  1. I WISH I could turn a cell phone into a butter knife and use it on HIM. What a hunk! My free time is often spent social networking but I’m trying to manage that in such a way that I can write more because FB and blog reading can really take up a lot of time. I DO enjoy it and look forward to many of the posts, like yours! When it’s summer and you have 2 kids, you often don’t get much quiet time to write!

  2. Free time — there’s never enough. I have managed to read two books and work on some craft projects. Remember when summer was filled with lazy days? I think that stopped when graduated from high school… Thanks for posting the Old Spice Guy – handsome AND funny – a great combination. Anita

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