Foreign Film Friday


My eighth pick for Foreign Film Friday is a pair of movies, Night Watch and Day Watch. These movies are Russian and I really enjoyed the flavor of Russia that was woven through this sci-fi horror movie. It has scary moments, they build tension well, and the visuals are stunning. This is supposed to be a trilogy- but I can’t find anything about the third- granted I didn’t look all that hard 🙂 Both hubby and I really enjoyed these movies, I haven’t seen many Russian films and I liked the uniqueness of the Russian life style and landscape that is shown. If you’re a sci-fi fan and enjoy thousand year old battles of good vs. evil then I recommend Night Watch and Day Watch. Oh did I mention they are battling to control mystical chalk?

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    • You should be able to get them from netflix or if you live some where with an independant video store- the bigger ones have some of them but not all- I live in a college town so my indie video store rocks!

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