Music Monday


We’re are starting the day with Turkish rock star Baris Akarsu. He sings so powerfully, and he’s not bad to look at either. 🙂 I need to go to Turkey one day.

About alicamckennajohnson

Alica McKenna Johnson writes about snarky girls, kind boys, and the adults trying to keep them alive. After day dreaming for the first thirty years of life, Alica finally began writing her stories down, much to the delight of her readers. As Alica sits in her armchair at home dreaming of traveling the world, her diverse characters explore for her listening to music, seeing the sights, and eating exotic foods.

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  1. WOW! For some reason he reminds me of Johnny Depp…don’t know why. Thank you again, Alica, for opening my eyes to music that isn’t made here in the U.S. I would never have ever heard this without you.
    This was great!

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