Wise, Witty, and Wacky Wednesday


Social media is a big deal and very scary, we don’t know what to post, where to post, or how often to post. So here is a GoCheeksGo video of things to NOT post on twitter- not work safe.

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  1. ooooo-kayyyy. That was a bit weird. I don’t tweet but never thought I’d find stuff like that anyway. Do people tweet about this type of thing? Wow. Maybe I won’t even start tweeting!
    Thanks for the funny video.

  2. I shouldn’t be laughing as hard as I am. That guy will NEVER be butch.

    You know, for every job I’ve ever had, I had a “Day I Quit” fantasy associated with it. I have no intention of quitting writing, but *if* I ever do, this is what I’m going to do on the day I quit.

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