Foreign Film Friday


The fourth installment of Foreign Film Friday combines my love of foreign films with my love of vampire movies. Several years ago I was caring for five teenage girls who kept squealing about how Twilight is the best vampire movie ever made. Once I was done crying my hubby and I decided to review as many vampire movies as we possibly could and put them on the web because we couldn’t let these poor kids think that Twilight was the best vampire movie ever made. One of the films we reviewed was “Vampyr” a German movie made in 1932. It is amazingly beautiful. The filming techniques and ‘special effects’ are lovely. The use of light and shadow to create the atmosphere was masterful. It uses a ‘classic scary movie score’ and I can’t help but wonder if this was one of the first to use it. It has been dubbed into English, which I normally hate, but there is so little talking in the film and it’s done so well that it didn’t bother me. This is not a scary movie- at least not for us- but I smiled thinking of people watching it in the theater in 1932 and being scared by it. If you enjoy vampire or old films people check this one out. It is really beautiful.
Here’s the imdb page

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  1. You know what’s funny? I didn’t see Twilight as a vampire movie as much as a movie about teen angst. I know it’s about vampires, of course. lol. But… the BEST vampire movie EVER? I’m gonna say, “no”.

    I remember a vampire movie from years ago. Actually, I remember one scene only. I can’t recall the name or anything else about it except for this moment where vampire victims were in a sort of laboratory setting. They were hooked up to machines that turned on every now and then to ‘suck’ blood from their necks. Ugh. I still cringe and shudder when I think of that scene!!!! Scared the bageebas out of me! 😀

    • So much angst! Guh- and that just doesn’t do it for me as a romantic hero.
      Okay I think I’ve seen that movie- I can’t remember the name either- I’ve seen so many, but I’m pretty sure I know that one- it was creepy.

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