Wise, Witty, and Wacky Wednesday


Wednesday is my day to share odd bits of wisdom, quotes, videos, etc that made me laugh, or ponder my life, or ask questions. Today I am sharing one of my daughters favorite GoCheeksGo videos.- Work It Like It’s Fluffy.

I have two areas in my life where I try to ‘work it likes it’s fluffy’.

I have a difficult time calling myself an author because I haven’t published anything yet. I have written a book (120,00 words) and it is being edited. I have plans for this book.  I’ve even sent out query letters. I know that to succeed I need to see myself as an author. Some days that is very difficult.

I weight more than I want to, and more than is healthy for me. But I still need to love and appreciate my body. It is amazing and I’m working on making myself more amazing, and healthy, and strong, and flexible. If I start hating myself and how I look I get depressed, and  I eat, and then I start lots of negative self talk. So I work it like it’s fluffy and I pick out clothes that look good on me as I am right now. I wear things I like, and I flirt with my husband, and I feel better.

So the questions today How do you work it like it’s fluffy?

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  1. Hahaha! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing that video.

    I discovered years ago that no matter how many fashion magazines I read or new clothes I buy, I just don’t have a flair for putting together an outfit & ESPECIALLY for accessorizing. So, I’ve learned that I have to just put on whatever I personally like to wear and then, I guess… work it likes it’s fluffy! LOL.

    • I drive a friend of mine nuts- she’s so into fashion, and I’m more comfort clothes tees and jeans or hippy- bohemian are what I pick out for myself- she bought me low rise jeans! I’m grateful for the jeans- but I’m 37 and chubby- It’s not a look I can work no matter how fluffy I think.

  2. Hi, Alica–My sisters are much more fashion forward than moi (which works out great when I get their hand-me-overs) I’m a casual person myself, and my work only occasionally means I have to dress up business-wise. But I find that when I wear the dressier clothes, and work it like it’s fluffy, I borrow that vibe and become The Professional, or the Confident One. And low-rise jeans or no, you have to find your ‘look’. It takes work. Sigh. Me, I still kinda hope Stacy & Clinton will come over and give me a What Not To Wear Makeover…

    • Sorry it took so long to answer- I was gone for the weekend with family. I would love to get a What Not To Wear Make-over I think it would fascinating to see what they would put me in. I guess it’s the writer in me answering all those what ifs.

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